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Billy Marter CD Cover

Billy Marter
Billy Marter
SONO 1074
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The Songs

1. Moondance 5:37 (Morrison) Caledonia Prod. Inc. BMI
2. A Rainy Night in Georgia 3:47 (White) Clig Music Pub. ASCAP
3. Blues for Blind Al 2:42 (Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI
4. Pride & Joy 3:16 (Vaughan) Ray Vaughan Music. ASCAP
5. Space Guys 2:31 (Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI
6. Sakura 4:18 (Naotaro Moriyama) JASRAC Universal Music Japan
7. Michelle 2:41 (Lennon, McCartney) Northern Songs. BMI
8. Spain 5:38 (Corea) Al Jarreau Music. BMI
9. La Bamba 2:32 (Trad. Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI10. En Mi Viejo San Juan 3:19 (Estrada) Music Sales Corp. ASCAP
11. You Were Always on my Mind 3:50 (Christopher; James; Carson) Budde Songs Inc. BMI
12. Prelude from Cello Suite #1 2:23 (J.S.Bach / Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI
13. Tango Maria 3:35 (Francisco Tárrega / Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI
14. Capricho Àrabe 6:30 (Francisco Tárrega / Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI
15. Choros #1 5:07 (Heitor Villa-Lobos, 1887-1959) Fermata Int. Melodies Inc. ASCAP
16. Variations on a Theme of Mozart 8:16 (Fernando Sor / Billy Marter) Bedico Music. BMI

The Musicians

Billy Marter – Vocals, guitars, harmonicas,
mandolin, dulcimer, juice harp, banjo
Charlie Wooten – Bass
Scotty Hardway – Keyboards
Gary Edwards – Bass on "Blues for Blind Al"

Recorded at SuiteMix Studio, Slidell, LA. Engineer: George Cureau
Mastered by David Farrell
Original Artwork: Ron Romanski
Liner Notes by Roger Hahn
Graphic Design: George L. Artigues, III

Billy Marter is a musician for all seasons -- a Mississippi native who came to music relatively late in life and is capable of hearing the beauty in almost any song from any culture, especially when he gets the chance to weave his own version of it on gossamer vocals floated over the nylon strings of his guitar. On this outing, while his musical choices range all the way from Willie Nelson and The Beatles to Bach and Mozart, those distances are made that much shorter by this gifted musician's noticeable lightness of touch, his deep passion for beautiful melody, and by his uncanny ability to always let the pure essence of the music speak for itself.
It was Billy Marter's sister who in his late teens gave him his first guitar -- a hand-me-down birthday present of the instrument on which she'd taken some lessons. While Billy never took any les- sons, he learned fast -- almost exclusively by closely observing oth- er guitar players. "I wasn't really looking to become a professional musician," he remembers today, "but as soon as I got my hands on that guitar I became totally obsessed with music." Soon after, there followed a collection of occasions where he could gain experience -- playing in blues bands, coffeehouses, and on multiple platforms within the Washington, D.C., Metro Subway system.
Back in Mississippi, the budding guitarist hatched a plan that would address both his growing interest in various styles of music and his yearning to become a classically trained guitarist by majoring in music education with a classical guitar emphasis at Mississippi Gulf
Coast Community College and transferring to the University of South- ern Mississippi. He was soon winning prizes and as a member of the Southern Arts Guitar Consort -- a group of eight classically trained guitarists playing four-part, classical arrangements -- recorded an al- bum, Reflections, which received considerable airplay on Mississippi Public Radio.
After earning a Master's degree from Southeastern Louisiana Univer- sity, the newly minted classical guitarist and music teacher felt it was the right time in his life for an adventure before settling down. So off he flew to Japan. Almost as soon as his feet touched ground, he met his wife Ayako -- at first she knew very little English, he knew very little Japanese. They were married within a year, and their daughter Sakura was born the following year. After five years, the family flew back to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where Billy Marter teaches guitar and music appreciation at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, while performing regularly at a number of bars and fine restaurants in the area, spreading his gospel of world music appreciation.
- Roger Hahn

Billy's music brings a smile with every track. I hope that you will en- joy the music on this Sound Of New Orleans CD. Please look to www. for more interesting and exciting music.
Gary Edwards, Producer.

Produced by Gary J. Edwards
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