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G. G. Shinn

"One Last Kiss"

SONO 1080
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Long Awaited Release!!!

The Songs:

01. Certain Kind of Something
02. That's When You Need Me Girl
03. Sashay
04. Cancel Emotion
05. Suckerpunch
06. One Last Kiss
07. Come See Your Daddy
08. Mean Old Lady
09. Closing In On You
10. It Used To Be My Town
11. Groove track

The Musicians:

Keyboards: George Bitzer
Bass: Roger Blevins
Drums: Randy Carpenter
Guitar: Joel Carr

Engineer: Paul Kaulk
Bluff Road Studio
DAT transfer: George Cureau-SuiteMix Studio
Mastered by David Farrell
Produced by Gary J. Edwards

When Harry Ravain asked me if I wanted to produce a GG Shinn album in 1999, I agreed immediately. Growing up in South Louisiana, learning to play music by listening to Bobby Blue Bland and Ray Charles recordings, one can imagine what fun it was to hear GG Shinn and Jerry LaCroix sing together as “The King Brothers” in front of The Boogie Kings band, at the “Blue Bull” in Baton Rouge. That began a life long admiration of perhaps the greatest examples of a “Blue Eyed Soul Singers!” I never produced an album with Jerry LaCroix, but I did produce the “You Can Never Keep A Good Man Down” album for GG in 2000. Sitting in the control room, listening to GG sing amazing songs, was a dream for me. We recorded many hours of horn parts for that album, arranged by my friend, Jerry Jumonville. None of that seemed to be “work” because we were recording behind GG’s voice. Hearing the vocals reminded me that we must do a good job of recording those tracks, they were part of a GG Shinn album!
Early in 2015, GG called me to say that he found a Digital master tape of an album that he recorded in the 1990’s. It was already a stereo mixed album. We transferred the DAT master and David Farrell, our Grammy Award winning engineer friend, brought it back to life! We now have a finished master by the MASTER, GG Shinn!
This album was recorded at the Bluff Road Studio near Baton Rouge. One of the legendary musicians of Louisiana, Harold Cowart, was the owner. The musicians were from GG Shinn’s band: George Bitzer: Keyboards, Joel Carr: Guitar, Roger Blevins: Bass, Randy Carpenter: Drums. Engineer: Paul Kaulk. Mastered by David Farrell.

The songs were chosen by GG, some written by GG. The overall “finished quality” of these recordings is beautiful. GG’s voice was at his amazing best and the musicians were absolutely perfect.
Some years ago, I drove to Henderson, LA to hear a Boogie Kings concert. My friend Nick Farkas was playing in the group. Several of the Swamp Pop legends were on the bill, including GG Shinn. GG brought the audience to it’s feet. When GG walked by me on his exit from the stage, he said: “I am the King of this Bayou!” Which no one could deny that day.
-Gary J. Edwards, Producer.

I will never forget the first time I heard him sing. I had heard great things about  him, but when I reached the age of entry into nightclubs, he had left the area. Then one night after my own gig was done, I went to a very popular night spot where a renowned road band was appearing. During the packed show, the singer introduced someone from the audience to come onstage  - it was G.G. Shinn. I immediately perked up to see the man walking up in the smoky haze of the spotlight.  When he sang, he not only sang, he took over the entire room -the band, the crowd, the help, etc. The musician’s mouths were opened as their jaws dropped. I was mesmerized.
Whenever traveling acts came through, if G. G. was performing in town, they would hurry when their gigs were done to catch his last set. They wanted to see the incredible performer they had heard so much about throughout the country. He never disappointed.
For me, as a nineteen year old singer still in the development stages, that night I first saw him began a lifetime of hero worship for me.  I went to see him every chance I could, I acquired his recordings, I studied, I learned, I emulated, and he became my mentor and my friend.
A talent like G. G. Shinn comes along maybe once in a lifetime, if at all. He should have been a household name everywhere for the last fifty years but like many others, he somehow slipped through the cracks of the star maker machinery. Here on the Gulf Coast, he remains a legend, larger than life. His voice is simply extraordinary.
To find unreleased recorded material from him is to me like discovering gold. 
-Gregg Martinez, leader of the Delta Kings.

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