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The Mystics CD

The New Orleans Mystics
Lee Barnes, Billy Mims, Mike Baptiste, and Freddie Johnson

"The New Orleans Mystics"

SONO 1082
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Brand New Release!!!

In this album, you will hear a full show of the 1970’s R&B music that ruled the charts! The New Orleans MYSTICS sing 12 great songs that contain many of the styles that made that period golden. New Orleans has always been a soul music hot bed. The New Orleans MYSTICS have been thrilling audiences for many years with their live shows. Now with this new album of many of the great hits of some of the best singing groups of that period, they bring it all back in blazing style. Sizzling lead vocals and beautiful harmonies bring to each song a new life! The New Orleans MYSTICS have chosen these songs from audience favorites, displaying their vocal harmony skills developed over many years of exciting shows. All four of the singers: Lee Barnes, Billy Mims, Mike Baptiste, and Freddie Johnson share the spotlight with the great musicians who travel with The New Orleans MYSTICS, creating the perfect backing for the 12 exciting songs on this album.

The Songs:

01. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (2:35) – Lead vocal: Mike Baptiste
02. My Girl (3:17) - Lead vocal: Lee Barnes
03. Hey There Lonely Girl (4:23) – Lead vocal: Freddie Johnson
04. Daddy's Home (3:09) – Lead vocal: Billy Mims
05. Love Train (3:16) - Lead vocals: Billy Mims & Lee Barnes
06. You Make Me Feel Brand New (4:59) – Lead vocal: Freddie Johnson
07. Beauty’s Only Skin Deep (2:51) - Lead vocal: Mike Baptiste
08. It's A Shame (3:21) – Lead Vocals: Lee Barnes & Freddie Johnson
09. Love The One You’re With (3:03) - Lead vocal: Lee Barnes
10. Treat Her Like A Lady (3:11) – Lead vocal: Billy Mims
11. I'm Losing You (2:56) – Lead vocal: Mike Baptiste
12. Stand By Me (2:44) – Lead vocal: Freddie Johnson

The Musicians:
Brennan Williams – Drums
Angelo Nocentelli – Bass
Ronald “Shammika” Ernest – Guitar
Ricky McQuillis - Keyboards
Bobbie Parker - Percussion

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: George Cureau-SuiteMix Studio
Photography by Joseph Crachiola
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Produced by Gary J. Edwards

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