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Melody Clouds

The Melody Clouds
Great Day
Sound Of New Orleans 6013

The Melody Clouds were organized in 1965 by the late Leo Jackson, Sr. Originally, the group was made up of all family members. Now the group has four family members and four new additions. This new combination has created one of the finest Gospel groups in New Orleans.

With a sound for the old and the young, The Melody Clouds appeal to all ages of any race. Over the years, The Melody Clouds have previously recorded 3 albums: “Pass Me Not  “Fires  “I Won t Give Up On The Lord. 
The Melody Clouds sing with feeling, spirit, love and heart and that carries them to a new style, while retaining the Gospel quartet flavor!

The Melody Clouds feel that it is appropriate that they thank God for their musical family. A special thanks to the late Leo Jackson, Sr. who started it all and also to their mother and sisters. Thanks to the wives who endure the busy schedule of a working group. Thanks to our producer, Gary Edwards, for having faith in our music. And we want to offer our appreciation to the radio personalities that play our music, and, of course, to our fans. May God bless you all.

Leo M. Jackson –- Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard
Carey Jackson, Sr. - Vocals
Melvin Jackson - Vocals
Ronald Scott - Vocals
Alton Jenkins - Vocals
Carey Jackson Jr- Bass
Chris Barnes - Drums
Wydell Spotville –- Keyboards

1. Great Day 5:26 Leo Jackson-Lead Vocal
2. Going To See The King 3:55 Melvin Jackson-Lead Vocal
3. Amazing Grace 3:40 Leo, Carey Sr., Melvin Jackson, Ronald Scott-Vocals
4. God s Not Dead 3:45 Carey Jackson, Sr-Lead Vocal
5. The Saints 5:30 Leo Jackson & Alton Jenkins-Lead Vocals
6. I Know It was The Blood 4:01 Ronald Scott-Lead Vocal
7. He s Everything To Me 5:15 Leo Jackson-Lead Vocal
8. Lord You Brought Me 4:25 Leo Jackson-Lead Vocal
9. He s Smiling On Me 4:42 Leo Jackson-Lead Vocal
10. Testify 4:14 Alton Jenkins-Lead Vocal

Recorded May 2001 at Sound Of New Orleans Studio
Engineer: Bryan Killingsworth
Mixed by Gary & Bryan
Mastered by Joe Doherty at DRR Masters, New Orleans.
Produced by Gary J. Edwards