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SONO 1035
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The Songs:

1. Zydeco Boogaloo: Warren Ceasar; Bedico Music, BMI,2:38
2. Down by the Bayou: Warren Ceasar; Bedico Music, BMI,4:00
3. Diggy Liggy Li: 3:01
4. La Lune Bleu: Warren Ceasar, Bedico Music, BMI,3:40
5. Jolie Fee: Warren Ceasar; Bedico Music, BMI, 3:26
6. Valse de Grand Basile: Warren Ceasar, Bedico Music, BMI, 3:17
7. Zydeco Shuffle: Dwight Carrier, Bedico Music, BMI,2:24
8. Hello Josephine: 3:42
9. Blueberry Hill: 3:38
10. Zydeco Sont Pas Sale: 3:43
11. Teasing You: 4:16
12. Zydeco Coteau: Dwight Carrier, Bedico Music, BMI, 3:24
13. Zydeco Rap: Warren Ceasar, Bedico Music, BMI, 2:52
14. Bernadette:, Warren Ceasar; Bedico Music, BMI, 3:26
15. Cherry Pie Medley: 4:44

The Players:

Warren Ceasar: Vocals, Trumpet, Flute, Washboard
Robert K. LeBlanc: Bass
Roland Fontenette: Drums, Triangle, BG Vocals
Gabriel Perrodin, Jr.: Guitar, BG Vocals
Dwight Carrier: Accordion

Warren Ceasar...trumpeter, flautist, singer, and aptly nick-named "crowd pleaser" -- is one of the most passionate performers and colorful characters on the south Louisiana music scene. Ceasar's live-wire antics and hot solos have been charming audiences for nearly thirty years now -- from his early years with swamp-pop legend Guitar Gable, to '70's road work with soul great Isaac Hayes, and a long stint in the '80's with the late king of zydeco, Clifton Chenier. Those varied career adventures are all reflected here on The Crowd Pleaser, as Ceasar presents a rollicking mixture of zydeco, Cajun material, rock, rap, funk, reggae, and even "Zyde-Vegas" lounge music. This blend may surprise purists, but Zydeco has always been a hybrid genre which draws on diverse contemporary sources.

Eclecticism aside, Warren Ceasar's roots are firmly planted in South Louisiana's Creole community. "I grew up in the country between Mamou and Basile," he relates, "and I was seven years old when I started going to the la-la dances -- that's what they used to call Zydeco. We'd go listen to my uncles, Canray Fontenot and "Bois Sec" Ardoin. My dad was a sharecropper, and when I started playing music, I had to practice out in the cotton fields, in the long weeds. I found an old beat-up cornet in the closet, which used to belong to one of my brothers. I patched up the holes in it with roofing tar, and started teaching myself."

Ceasar's first professional gig was with Guitar Gable. "I was twelve, fourteen years old, man," he remembers, "skinny like a Zydeco, like a string bean, and I was making top dollar playing in the clubs around Opelousas and Ville Platte. Then I graduated and moved to Houston. Played with a soul band there. I ended up going to Memphis, and going out on the road with Isaac Hayes, and Luther Ingram. It was hell, Jack! I learned all about the underworld, everthing there was to know. After eleven months, I quit, and came back home in 1974. I played around Lafayaette with a lot of different bands: L'il Bob and the Lollipops, Zachary Richard, Bad Weather, Hot Ice, Speed Limit. Playing rock, blues, Zydeco, all types of music."

Ceasar resumed free-lancing after Chenier's death in 1987. He has released two self-produced albums: Bayou Trash, and Cotton Picking Blues, appeared on the Rounder anthology, Zydeco Shoot-Out at El Sido's, and led several different bands. He is accompanied here by his current group, The Creole Zydeco Snap Band, and a snappy bunch they are, too. Guitarist Gabriel Perrodin Jr. (Guitar Gable's son) adds excellent solos to "Hello, Josephine" and "La Valse de Grand Basile," as well as some churning chord work on "Zydeco Shuffle" and "Down on the Bayou." Accordionist Dwight Carriere is in fine form throughout, and gives "Diggy Diggy Li" an especially interesting twist by borrowing liberaly from the Clifton Chenier classic, "Zydeco Cha Cha". Drummer Roland Fontenette and bassist Robert K. LeBlanc work hand-in-glove as an alert and aggressive rhythm section, shifting grooves effortlessly, and responding to Warren's leads with immediate, intuitive accents.

The Crowd Pleaser himself is equally inspired here, too. From his hot trumpet licks on "The Cherry Pie Medley" to his unabashedly slick flute work on "La Lune Bleu"-- not to mentiion his consistently full-tilt vocals-- Warren Ceasar lives up to his self-proclaimed monicker, and then some. To paraphrase several old Loiuisiana cliches, crank this one up and get ready for a foot-stompin' Zydeco-rap-reggae-funk-rockin' good time!


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