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The Coolbone Brass Band And The Coolbone Swing Troop
SONO 1038
New Orleans Street Parade Series
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The Songs- Coolbone Brass Band

1. See See Rider
2. Jazzitize
3. Sweet, Sweet Spirit*
4. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
5. Tromboniana
6. Jesus Keeps Me Near The Cross*
7. Down In Honky Tonk Town
8. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
9. Exactly Like You
10. Baby won't You Please Come Home

The Songs- Coolbone Swing Troop

11. Bird Be Free
12. Won't You Stay With Me
13. Coolbone's Bounce
14. Blow That Horn
15. It All Started Here
16. Long Walk Home

The Players- Coolbone Brass Band

Steven Johnson- Trombone
Darryl Johnson- Alto Saxophone
Ernest Johnson, Jr.- Trumpet
Ronell Johnson- Trombone (Tuba*)
Gregory Jenkins, Jr.- Bass Drum
Andrew A. Sceau- Snare Drum
Abraham I. Cosse III- Tuba
Special Guest: Irving Mayfield- Trumpet
Steven, Ernest, Ronell, Gary: Percussion

The Players- Coolbone Swing Troop

Bird Be Free & Long Walk Home
Trombone: Steven Johnson & Ronell Johnson
Trumpet: Irving Mayfield
Bass: Kerry Lewis
Piano: Ronald Markham
Drums: Jua Ferdinand

It is not often that a new brass band hits the streets with the power and polish of The Coolbone Brass Band. The band gets a lot of its strength from Ernest and Marion Johnson. They are the parents of the four Johnson brothers: Steven "Coolbone", Ernest Jr., Ronell and Darryl. What a joy to find a group such as this, with the groove of the older members and the fire of the younger players. Throughout this recording, you will hear musical quotes paying tribute to the great pieces of music that The Coolbone Brass Band members grew up listening to and learning to play. Do not fail to take notes while listening, there will be a quiz later!

The Coolbone Swing Troop is the latest in the expanding New Orleans music scene. A septet that plays original compositions of the group members. Again, there is new music coming from New Orleans. There is nothing wrong with recording the jazz classics over and over again, but, it is great to know that the well is not "running dry!" Some of the material will remind the experienced jazz listener of tunes and groups of the past forty years. The new jazz fans may be motivated to expand their musical inventory to include some of the seminal music influences like Louis Armstrong, Miles and Dizzy, Lee Morgan, The Jazz Crusaders and many of the other founders of the American music form: Jazz! In these recordings, you will hear The Swing Troop pay their respects to many of the pioneers of jazz. The spirit and feel of new ideas by players who love the music.


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