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The High Steppers Brass Band
" New Orleans Jazz-Greatest Hits"
SONO 1032
New Orleans Street Parade Series

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1. Do Wah Diddy 4:18
2. Wolfing Blues 5:52
3. Go To The Mardi Gras 5:46
4. Sixth Ward Jam 9:17
5. Bourbon St. Parade 3:32
6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee 5:19
7. Butter Beans 3:34
8. When My Dreamboat Comes Home 5:03
9. St. Louis Blues 5:40
10. Oop Pop Pa Da 4:38
11. Paul Barabarin's Second Line 4:29

The Players:

Daryl Fields: Tuba & Leader
Derek Tabb: Snare Drum
Christopher James: Bass Drum
Tyrus Chapman: Trumpet & Vocals
Tannon Williams: Trumpet
Albert Davis: Saxophone
James Durant: Saxophone
Herbert Stevens: Trombone
Toliver Jenkins: Trombone

New Orleans has a great love for brass bands. In the recent years, there has been a growth in the number of brass bands playing traditional music. There has also been several brass bands that have enlarged their musical scope to include many non-traditional tunes. Many have added promonient musicians and singers to their recordings with great success.

The High Steppers Brass Band has stayed close to the traditional music, but have added a touch of the popular culture to their debut recording. The High Steppers have taken a step forward which brings them to the past. The original brass bands played parades, but they also played dances and parties. The High Steppers perform material that makes it possible to play a parade with gusto and entertain a party with music that makes you want to dance. No one can accuse The High Steppers of a lack of swing. The band brings life to any tune that they play. A life that shows the enthusiasm of youth with a tip of the hat to the tradition. Looking at the titles of the songs on this recording, you will begin to get a feel for what The High Steppers wanted to achieve with this compilation. From the funeral dirge tempo of Just A Closer Walk With Thee, through the the wildly exciting Oop Pop Pa Da. As the title says, these are some of the greatest hits of New Orleans Jazz.

Warning, this Compact Disc contains material that the listener may find addictive. It may cause frequent trips to New Orleans, a love of beignets, a tolerance for high humidity, a tapping of the feet, purchasing a condo in the French Quarter and other equally unusual symptoms. The only known cure is to grab your umbrella and join in the second line behind The High Steppers Brass Band.


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