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"Ambassador of N’'awlins”
SONO 1061
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The Discovery Channel’'s New Orleans Health Cops show has taken the Ambassador of N’'awlins to another level, or is that down to another level! Millions of people have watched Doug Daniels, AKA PHAT2SDAY “"Ambassador of N’'awlins”" lose one-hundred pounds and be married on Mardi Gras day. And as if that were not enough, they have seen him perform at a Bourbon Street nightclub in New Orleans and sing the song that told of his dream of losing one-hundred pounds! This album contains a good example of what PHAT2SDAY is all about: good music and good fun! The six original songs and three new versions of great New Orleans standards showcase some the facets of PHAT2SDAY. Paying homage to some of his favorite performers, PHAT2SDAY has included songs by Fats Domino, Doctor John, Smiley Lewis and James Booker.

This album was begun before PHAT2SDAY was chosen to be on the “"New Orleans Health Cops”" show as a subject. It is was prophetic that the song “"One Day, I’'m Gonna Lose One Hundred Pounds”" was already “"in the can.”" It was destined that PHAT2SDAY would be on the show. All of the combinations that lined up with the production team, finding the right musicians, including the Coolbone Brass Band for two songs, and the fine horn arrangements by Jerry Jumonville on the others. Throughout the album, the great New Orleans style piano work of Al Farrell is evident. Special thanks and best wishes to Billy Shaw whose guitar parts fit perfectly. The hot bass lines of Ronnie Dents on Da Big Easy showcase even more New Orleans talent. The hot trumpet of Barney Floyd plays a great solo “"’'Til the Fat Man Sings.”" And, not to be missed, the funky drumming of the legendary Freddy Staehle, veteran of Dr. John recordings, on Da Big Easy and Pride of the Parish! Those two songs make this album a funk guide for drummers. Jon Massing did the drum work on the other R&B songs with an enthusiasm that adds even more excitement to this album. The special “"Hip Hop”" mix of Makin’' Bacon by Doug Cheatwood further broadens the appeal of PHAT 2SDAY’'s music.
PHAT 2SDAY’'s Royal proclamation:
This album is dedicated to the memory Larry Bernard Cure. I wrote most of the songs on the album, and Uncle Larry loved them all. He always made me feel proud of my tribute to N’'awlins. Like Uncle Larry, I’'ll sing until I just can’'t sing any more! Nobody loved R&B more than he did.

God, thank you opportunity to record this album and for blessing me with Uncle Larry. To know him was to love him, for he was truly a New Orleans treasure! Please take care of him and let him sing for you.

1. One Day, I'm Gonna Loose 100 Pounds 3:15
2. Mardi Gras Tyme 3.41
3. Makin’' Bacon 2:09
4. Til The Fat Man Sings 4:01
5. How Come My Dog Don’'t Bark 4:12
6. Da Big Easy 5:07
7. Blue Monday 2:36
8. All I Want for Christmas is a Funky Brass Band 5:37
9. Pride Of Da Parish 10:26
Total time 41:26

The Krewe of PHAT 2SDAY “"Ambassador of N’'awlins”"
Coolbone Brass Band, arranged by Steven Johnson: Trks 2 & 8
Piano: Al Farrell Trks 1,3,4,5,6,7,9
Guitar: Billy Shaw
Saxophones: Jerry Jumonville Trks 1,3,4,5,7,9
Trumpet: Barney Floyd trks 1,4,5,7
Drums: Jon Massing Trks 1,3,4,5,7
Drums: Freddie Staehle Trks 6 & 9
Bass: Robert Wilson Trks 1,3,4,5,7
Bass: Ronnie Dents Trk 6
Bass: Gary Edwards Trk 9
Horn arrangements: Jerry Jumonville
Special Guest: Richard H. Gauthier, Judge, retired, 34th Judicial District Court, Parish of St. Bernard, State of Louisiana. Trk 9
Makin’' Bacon Hip hop mix- Doug Cheatwood.
Recorded at Sound Of New Orleans Studio
Engineers: Gary Edwards & Doug Cheatwood
Mastered by Joe Doherty/Factory Masters, New Orleans


© 2011