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Regal Jazz Band/ Smitty Dee Brass Band
New Orleans favorites
SONO 1040
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The Songs:

1 The Bird-5:15
2 Darktown Strutters Ball-3:58 Vocal: Sam Venable
3 Filé Gumbo-3:16 Vocal: Smitty Dee Chorus
4 Make Me a Pallet-3:36 Vocal: Butch Gomez
5 All Saints Day-7:13
6 Chicken Ain't Nothing But a Bird-3:38 Vocal: Raynard Hockett
7 Ice Cream-5:05 Vocal: Smitty Dee Chorus
8 Muskrat Ramble-4:05 Vocal: Sam Venable
9 Glory, Glory-4:07 Vocal: Smitty Dee Chorus
10 Don't Get Around Much Anymore-4:02

The Musicians:

Dimitri Smith-Tuba
Butch Gomez-Soprano sax
Omari Thomas-Trumpet
Percy Anderson-Trumpet
Desmond Venable-Trumpet
Sam Venable-Vocals and Trombone
Richard Anderson-Trombone
Calvin Snowden-Guitar
Raynard Hockett-Bass drum
Louis Hillard-Drum set
William Tyler-Snare drum
Brian Berg-Tenor Saxophone

The New Orleans brass band sound has become a living art form, changing constantly, evolving from it's beginning sound about fifty years before the infamous Storyville was in it's heyday to the new, funky, hiphop neighborhood sound. Like the music, the Regal Jazz Band has evolved from the early days with members the likes of Danny Barker, Clement Tervalon, Father Al Lewis, Louis Nelson, Chester Zardis, Kid Sheik, to all the new, young, talented musicians of present.

The Regal Jazz Band was begun in 1979 by soprano saxophonist Butch Gomez, who was also one of the original members of the Treme Brass Band. Co-colaborator and on tuba is Diimitri Smith, formerly with Olympia Brass Band and founder of Smitty Dee's Brass Band. Dimitri and Butch blended their sounds in 1994.

Listening to this music takes one's spirit through a deversity of feelings. From joyful, soul searching, sweet sounds of Glory to the traditional New Orleans sound of Muskrat Ramble and Darktown Strutter's Ball to the purely light-hearted, street funk sound of Ice Cream and The Bird to this band's hot, hot, arrangement of All Saints Day, which is so exciting and new that there are no words to describe it.

This music has something for everyone's musical taste and will have you constantly pumping up the volume.


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