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Veda Love
Make Me Yours Tonight
SONO 1052
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Veda Love has provided the vocals for the powers of R&B in New Orleans: The Rhythm Masters with C.P. Love; Guitar Slim; Eddie Bo and the Explosions; ZZ Hill; Johhnie Adams; Tommy Ridgley; The Jean Knight Show; Velvet Funk; Fat Tuesday; The Gumbo Band; Hot Force Band. Her Gospel influence comes, in no little part, from working with The Dimensions of Faith Choir, directed by Sammy Berfect.

A note from Veda:
I'd like to thank our Lord and Savior for helping us to complete this wonderful CD. Thanks to Gary Edwards for having the time and patience!
Thanks to the great musicians for their time and talent: Charles Hudson-Trumpet; Milton Lewis-Saxophone; Raymond Jenkins: Saxophone; Shy Parker, William George, Angelo Nocentelli: Bass; Freddie Burmaster, Emmanuel Landers, Keith Vinet: Keyboards; Tyronne Weaver & Roy Joseph: Guitars; Skip Thompson on Percussion, and of course, Tommy Williams on Drums! Thanks also to the backup singers: Robert Julian, Kim Clayton & Warlok.
Special thanks to Ruben Woodward.
Without great songs, we could not have great music, thanks to all of the songwriters!
We love you all,

From the love themes of Joe Broussard, to the life stories of Denise LaSalle, to the exciting new arrangements of Shaky Ground and Rock Me Baby, onto the exciting new songs, Veda Love s debut album delivers the goods!

Beautiful ballads, teasing love themes, and down right FUNK! Great players working on hot ideas, putting a groove on the Saints that you never heard before! Veda Love is dishing it out in large doses of Southern Fried Gumbo Funk!

Turn up the volume and enjoy the music.

1. Make Me Yours Tonight
2. Standing On Shaky Ground
3. I Forgot to Remember
4. One Sided Affair
5. Never Say No
6. Rock Me Baby
7. I Can t Believe It
8. Southern Fried Funk
9. When You Need Someone
10. How Much Do You Want It?
11. Groove Attack
12. Trapped
13. When The Saints
14. All The Way

The Tommy TW Band
Drums -Tommy Williams
Bass- William George, Shy Parker, Angelo Nocentelli
Keyboards-Freddie Burmaster, Emmanuel Landers, Keith Vinet
Guitars-Tyronne Weaver & Roy Joseph
Trumpet-Charles Hudson & Emmanuel Landers
Saxophone-Milton Lewis & Raymond Jenkins
Percussion: Earl ôSkip  Thompson
Backup singers: Robert Julian, Kim Clayton & Warlok.

Produced and Recorded by Gary J. Edwards
Digital master by Joe Doherty, Factory Masters, New Orleans, LA


© 2011