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Wayne Boyd
New Orleans sessions
SONO 1053
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Featuring: Herlin Riley, Richard Knox, Jerry Jumonville.

Wayne Boyd has spent years working with great musicians. He has been touring with Jimmy McGriff for many years. With all of the great experience of working with world class musicians, Wayne has matured into a equally great musician. In a way, when one hears Wayne play the guitar, it seems that somehow he has become “one  with the instrument. Just like a tennis player who responds to a great opponent s fast game, Wayne plays so instinctively that it feels like he is just responding to a stimulus. Of course, we know that the melodies the fly out of Wayne's guitar are by no means accidental.

This album gives the listener a novel opportunity of being in the middle of a hurricane of notes. And all of the notes come together to create complete thoughts and emotions. Wayne's partners in this “storm  were Herlin Riley and Richard Knox. Herlin is one of New Orleans most successful drummers, he plays regularly with Wynton Marsalis, and he is a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. His playing is exciting and unpredictable, always something waiting around to next turn to tempt the ear. Herlin applies a rhythmic force to this album that is a joy to hear. Wayne was particularly happy to have Herlin Riley on the New Orleans Sessions CD.

Richard Knox is a veteran New Orleans keyboard player. He is very well respected for his work with the Hammond Organ. Richard was a member of the famous New Orleans jazz group “The Dirty Dozen  for six years. Richard supplies not only great chordal accompaniment and exciting solos, he plays all of the bass lines as well! He as been a New Orleans French Quarter regular and is a powerhouse in his own right! Richard will soon have his own album on Sound Of New Orleans label.

As a special tribute to Hank Crawford, Wayne asked Jerry Jumonville to write two songs for the album. Jerry has been a long time Hank Crawford fan, and Jerry wrote and played alto saxophone on both songs. Jerry is a New Orleans native who spent many years in Los Angeles, playing on numerous sessions. He is now living in New Orleans. In New Orleans, if one is planning to make a recording featuring a big horn section, Jerry's name always comes up as arranger. He is the complete musician.

1. WB Blues
2. People Get Ready
3. Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself
4. Easy
5. Chain of Fools
6. The Closer I Get To You
7. House Of Wayne
8. On My Own
9. US Funk & G
10. What A Wonderful World
11. Shades Of Midnight
12. River Bend Shuffle

Produced for Sound Of New Orleans by Gary J. Edwards
Recorded and mixed at Sound Of New Orleans Studio by Gary J. Edwards
Digital Editing: Joe Doherty at Factory Masters, New Orleans, LA
Photos: J. Paul


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